Give feedback (Friends and Family Test)

We'd like to know what you think of Clifton Court Medical Practice, and the experience you've had using our services.

This is sometimes called ‘Friends and family feedback’ and you may have been directed here by someone at the practice.

There's a different way to make a formal complaint.

Past results from April 2022

The most common questions you asked and we said

When can you see a GP?

We are now offering face to face appointments alongside telephone appointments. The choice is that of the patients, what ever is more convenient for the care you require.

When can we go back to normal?

We are governed by Public Health England and have to follow the same rules we ask of our patients. We have removed social distancing in the practice but it is still required that patients and staff wear face coverings at all times when in the building. This is the only Covid requirement we are still enforcing.

More appointments

We understand that we have been short of appointments recently. The practice is offering a substantial amount of appointments. In April we booked 4283 appointments however 239 did not attend. We could have offered other patients these slots. Help us, help you by informing us if you can not make your appointments.

A bigger car park

We have applied to the council to be allocated additional parking and up until now have not been able to acquire any additional spaces.

Past results from May 2022

The most common questions you asked and we said

A drinks machine for the option of hot or cold drinks whilst waiting to be seen. Also kids play area, magazines and charity boxes back.

We have taken this on board, Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, the practice had to remove all of this due to infection control. With the restrictions lifting we are now in the process of looking at how we can implement these safely back into our surgery to improve patient experience.

Better back door when waiting for it to be answered in bad weather. New bell or an intercom.

We are in the process of installing a new bell which will be hard wired into the electrics to ensure that this works effectively at all times. Please continue to bear with us whilst this work is underway.

Past results from June 2022

The most common questions you asked and we said

Being able to book appointments in advance rather than having to call at 8am every morning, you have also stated that you would like more face to face appointments.

We have a range of prebookable appointments open 2,3 and 5 days in advance for each clinician. New appointments are opened each day and the majority are filled during our busiest hours. All of our appointments can be face to face or telephone, it is very much patient preference, if you would prefer face to face please just let us know. The only exception is the on call list which is telephone appointments only , if required after triage with a clinician you will be asked to attend the surgery if it is appropriate.

Past results from July 2022

The most common questions you asked and we said

Make face to face appointments easier to get

Face to face appointments are available with every clinician. It is patient preference whether the appointment is face to face or telephone. Just let the receptionist know when booking your appointment.

Books for children to read

We are currently updating our reception area, including notice boards and the children’s corner. Please bear with us whilst we carry this out.